Idea. Need. Passion.

Our dream was to create kindergarten, where children will feel safefull, which will give them a moment of full hapiness, huge of shaping experience and optymistic memories. Here your child is surrounded by friendship and proffesional staff. We achieved it! 🙂


What we offer?


Safe place, where we will support your baby to achieve practical skills and knowledge. Check out our kindegarten offer.



Cozy place where each pupil is being surrounded by attention and warmth, just to step in next level which is kindergarten. Visit us.



Fantastic place for your children, playground, relax and rest zone for parents. Cordially invited!


Health food

As we dispose our own kitchen, we guarantee that meals are being preparing always fresh which consist of necessary ingredients for children. We are always monitoring technology process and aesthetics of prepared meals.


Ordinary place

Extraordinary people

Aleksandra Urbanska

Director of Pedagogical Cases

As a psychologist in my life I have been working with people in different age but the most fascinating are children. Due to my profession my perception is mostly focused on the child’s development and psychosocial approach. I would like to help them understand their own experiences. I know how important a child’s life is in the pre-school age, where develop child’s personality and self-esteem. During this period occur significant developmental processes, firstly in an emotional and social context, these all current events are reflected in adult life.


Grazyna Derebecka

Management Director

My professional experience as an economist and then the director of financial institutions allowed me to learn the principles of good and effective management of staff teams. My main goal was to build good interpersonal relationships and to provide a nice and friendly atmosphere at work. Currently, after finish the pedagogical course, I would like to focus on the proper functioning of the educational institution, building proper and healthy relationships between employees as well as taking into account the welfare and satisfaction of parents who use our services.