Non-public Kindergarten & Nursery
82-300 Elblag
Niemcewicza 1 Street

BBAN: PL 72 1020 1752 0000 0902 0217 2674

We are Non-public Kindergarten & Nursery with a common name – PIEKARCZYK.


PIEKARCZYK is some kind of diminutive of baker and is related to one of the Elblag’s legend.

The Fairy Tale is connected with the Market Gate. According to historical information during the Polish-Teutonic War, in March 1531, one of the Teutonic branches intended to conquer Elblag. The city has been rescued, thanks to the consciousness’s baker (Piekarczyk) who noticed Teutonic’s attackers in time. He cut the rope supporting the harness hung in the Market Gate. Thanks to that entrance has been blocked and the town and its inhabitants were rescued. The memory of brave baker survived centuries. Today, this event resembles a monument of a baker (by Waldemar Grabowiecki) standing in front of the gate.


PIEKARCZYK was founded for love to children – by an experienced manager (long-term director of the facility financial) and psychologist actively working with children focusing on the child’s development analysis. Our Kindergarten & Nursery is the place where we will have influence of education and upbringing of your kid. We want to do it as honestly as possible. That’s why our specialized pedagogic staff will provide a great atmosphere, care and education of children between 1 and 6 years old. We want them to grow up in a homely and safe atmosphere indicating them right values, which will conducive to versatile child development.




Children first!


Our dream was to create kindergarten, where children will feel safefull, which will give them a moment of full hapiness, huge of shaping experience and optymistic memories. Here your baby will be surrounded by friendship and staff profesionality.

We did it! ?

Institution is located in a spacious one-storey building at area of 700 m2. Kindergarten and Nursery has been designed by one of the best architecture firm in our country: ATLANT so every norm in educational construction are meet. The building consist of a playroom hall with huge construction for children (100m2), especialy adapted toilets, four teaching rooms adapted for admission 20 children per room (every room is equipped with modern multimedia equipment), cloakroom, office, teacher room and what is really important – own kitchen. As our building has been opened in September of 2017 all toys and rest of things are NEW.  Soon, we will built a great playground on our backyard.


Whole object is monitored both outside and inside and also is secure by appropriate security company.


Working with children is our vocation and passion! We are here for you, every day to create a wonderful world which is full of play for kids, to develop theirs passions and interests.

Thanks to nice atmosphere we would like to reduce their stress to minimum 🙂




What makes us different ?


  • High Quality – according to our motto: “When children is smiling, whole world is smiling too”. Firs of all we focus on children and theirs needs
  • Building conditions – we have meet all requirements according to the Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy from 2011 25th of March (sanitary requirements for nurseries and kindergartens (Dz. U. z 2011 r. Nr 69, poz. 377))
  • Spacious rooms with direct entrance from the tarace
  • Modern rooms with multimedia equipment (inter alia: projectors)
  • Specialist staff with appropriate approach to youngsters- according to our watchwords: IDEA. NEED. PASSION.
  • Security – both outside building and each hall inside has monitoring, whole terrain is surrounded a high fence

Goals and mission:

  • Teaching tolerance, acceptance and respect for the diversity of each person
  • The primary goal of our facility is to support the development and education of children according to theirs individual needs and capabilities, aiming at achieving readiness for primary school
  • Satisfying the needs and expectations of parents and our pupils
  • Creation a friendly, homely atmosphere and provide a comfortable conditions for developing children’s personality
  • Encourage parents to participate in the life of the kindergarten – partnership with the youngster’s family
  • Develop of mental abilities by general developmental activities
  • Develop childern’s talents by additional activities


Cordially invited!

„When children is smiling, whole world is smiling too”

-Janusz Korczak-