Winter week

The winter week slowly coming to an end.  All groups gave rock!  The Little Nursery gets familiar with the new friends and colleagues – first glance and relationships have been taken 🙂
Large Nursery (our two-year-olds) have involved in the creation of penguins and igloos. They played in eskimoos (they were fishing, walking on fragile ice (blocks constructions) – catching the balance in order to prevent fall into a water). They also learned the properties of ice – by touching and describing it by teachers. Nice fun! 🙂 In the pre-school group, the children also experimented with ice, made ice hands – effects we will see next week 😉   They played in the store.  The fairytale of the week was “White Snow”.
By the reading fairytales, we try to encourage our other pupils love for book. More will show photos that we put especially for you. Greetings and we wish you a nice rest.

More pictures of course on our fanpage 🙂


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